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  • (All commercial Virtual Lists are based on the Diamond Plan)
  • (All commercial Virtual Lists are based on the Diamond Plan)
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Selecting an Email List Service Type and Pricing

Commercial and Bulk E-Mail List services can be tailored to suit individual needs. Three service packages are available, ranging from simple email list hosting with limited archives to a complex system complete with mail, web and secure newsgroup access plus HTML archives with full text searching capabilities. This allows you to choose the level of features you want Dundee Internet Services to provide for operating your email list.

Improve your online success by building valuable relationships with email list management. All packages are highly customizable and give you total control over your subscribers 24/7.

for customers who need a simple mailing email list without permanent archive and search capabilities and/or advanced features such as segmentation and tracking capabilities.


includes all the Silver and Gold capabilities plus a HTML Search Engine and Secure Newsgroup access to your email list.


for customers who need some campaign building features with advanced reporting and tracking attributes.